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Welcome to the website of PAPAIOANNOU GROUP!


The PAPAIOANNOU GROUP is the one of the biggest Groups of construction and commercial companies in Greece.

The group is composed of four companies with long experience and qualified personnel and covers successfully the following construction and commercial sectors.

  • Road construction – production and paving of asphalt products.
  • Building construction.
  • Hydraulic projects.
  • Mining activities.
  • Industrial – and power plants.
  • Trading and transportation of aggregates, asphaltic concrete of various types as well the trade of construction equipment.



Based in Gravia Fokida, where are located the headquarters of Papaioannou Group.In 2003 INTERKAT S.A was founded  as a construction company developing  the acquired experience is activating  potentially in the construction field.


During 2006 ERGOKAT L.T.D. is added to the Group of the company with main activity the revealing and the excavation of ore being the contractor of the biggest mining  enterprises in Greece.


The PAPTRUCKS  Founded in 2011 with basic object the mineral land cargo.


Founded in 1977, ODOASFALTIKI S.A is being specialized in road construction activities and mainly the asphalt production owning commercial plants of production and trade of aggregates and asphaltic concretes.